FOTOMAKR is a program for Computer, providing Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 3 (SP3), WIN 7 and further. The program opens and reads fabric, textures, illustrations, photos, scans and other files for visualization. Every Photos, programmed at the photo service by fotomakr, can be imported and repeated. Endless output as a JPEG file and PDF with texture list. Thank you for your subcribe.

Five facts about how to increase profits through the usage of fotomakr.
• Rapid creation of photos containing all variations of a particular collection and its right product surfaces will significant cut your and your customers costs and time.
• Reducing of retouching and montage through many- sided pattern repeat generator for product surfaces- automatically in the right perspective.
• Repeat your uploaded product design pattern through drag- and- drop on objects.
• Decrease costs for studio and dummy compositions and spare your customers of sample productions.

fotomakr 2.0 freeware for scenes
18 Shirt & Tie check it out

The free fotomakr. Easy editing of designs, patterns, textures, scans and illustrations. Multiplex usage for product development, in Graphic design, at photo studios, for marketing and distribution purposes as well as for the prepress field.

PDF Starter – Read Me – Lies Mich
20 Tablecloth check it out
13 Colorways check it out

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